Pollack+Partners has 3 distinct ways of working with clients.


• A unique model where our team oversees all facets of preconstruction, budgeting, scheduling and oversight of the entire construction process.

• Combination of Master Builder and Project Manager; we both oversee and execute your project.

• Adept at creating the ideal project team by matching our extensive network of design and build partners to best realize the client's vision and goals.

• We streamline the entire process by acting as the sole point of contact, controlling all financials, eliminating overlap and carefully orchestrating the timeline to produce a project on time and on budget.


• We act as your representative and serve as a third party objective overseer throughout the entire design and build process.

• We guide the client in the creation of a dedicated team of pre-vetted industry leaders and oversee the bidding and selection of all team members including the architect, interior designer, builder and any specialty contractors.

• We review and negotiate all contracts to ensure the best possible financial arrangement.

• We are able to succinctly navigate the permit process and local ordinance laws by tapping into established resources, creating efficiencies.

• We troubleshoot issues before they impede project financials or timeline.


• Pollack+Partners has an entire division dedicated solely to the build process acting alone as a builder or in tandem with our project management team.

• Our team of experienced managers and expert technicians act as general contractor and expertly oversee all aspects of the construction process.

• We self perform most aspects of the work to achieve the highest level of quality results and subcontract from our extensive network of long-term relationships.

• We utilize our own in-house labor force to help control the process and to accelerate the timeline.

• We communicate the design intent by visually displaying material selections, building a sample portion of the house to anticipate any challenges that might arise.